Thursday, August 12, 2010

Name of Butterfly

The scientific name literally means Lepidoptera scale (Lepido) - Wing (pteron, ptera plural) and refers to the scaly wings. The etymological origin of the Dutch word for butterfly is not quite sure. The name came in the 14th century as vlindre. Probably derived from the butterfly Modern High German or Flemish flindern butterflies, both mean wegfladderen.

Old Dutch name for a butterfly is a "chapel". The origin of this word is reported in the mantle part of Saint Martin that if relic is kept. In today's butterfly names is a reference to find coats, such as Emperor and cloak mourning cloak.

In the Groningen dialect or butterflies or cream roomzoeper swallower called some cream drinker means. The names refer to the folk belief that butterflies were witches who enchanted the room were candy. The German has schmetterling origin; Schmets is a dairy product.

The study of butterflies is called the lepidopterologie. Someone who is an expert in butterflies is called a lepidopteroloog and someone who collects butterflies is a lepidopterist.

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