Monday, August 9, 2010

Carnivorous Fungi

When flesh-eating or carnivore mushrooms is a group of fungi, either by catching the sticky traps or snares animal prey and digest. Have yet been described more than 120 carnivore species.

A very specialized subset of carnivorous fungi are the nematophagous fungi, which capture only nematodes (nematodes).

Due to the frequent occurrence in nitrogen-poor soils, it is likely that, as with most carnivorous plants, the less prey for the production of metabolic energy, but more will be caught to balance the nitrogen budget.

Fishing techniques
Sticky traps are found for example in Zoophagus insidans. On its existing hyphae from Klebfäden catch mostly rotifers. The fungus grows one after the catch in the animal and digested it.

Snares are found in the way tentaclum Zoophagus. For this purpose they form hyphae existing small loops in which to catch such as thread worms. runs through tactile stimuli to the loop, prevents the escape of the prey and then grows slowly into the victim and is being decomposed by fungus by powerful enzymes from the inside.

When there is a Schopftintling stunning technique, which makes the worm first immobilized poisons by him to settle it.

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