Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Indonesia Constituent Assembly

Indonesian is the Constituent state institutions assigned to form the Constitution or a new constitution to replace the 1950 Constitution. The formation of this new Constitution mandated in Article 134 the Constitution in 1950.


550-member constituent assembly based on the 1955 election.


Until 1959, the Constituent Assembly has not succeeded in forming a new Constitution. At bersamaann, President Sukarno delivered his conception of Guided Democracy.

Since then they held a vote to determine Indonesia back to 1945. Of the three voting is done, in fact the majority of members want to return to the Constitution in 1945, but collided with the number who do not achieve two thirds the overall sound.

After the third vote, the factions decided in unison will no longer follow the Constituent Assembly session after the recess July 3, 1959. This serious situation that caused Sukarno issued Presidential Decree July 5, 1959, which ended the history of this institution.


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