Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Articles of Courage

Courage is the willingness to confront physical pain, setbacks and life threat, uncertainty, fear and intimidation to enter and endure. It is one of the four cardinal virtues, a psychological trait and a trait. Sometimes a distinction is made between physical courage and moral courage.


Courage is the opposite of cowardice, but of laziness or weakness. At the other extreme of courage is recklessness, boldness without prudence, without taking account of the fate or chance, without humility and compassion towards others before himself.

Courage as a virtue presupposes a form of charity, altruism or generosity. Courage is a virtue when it serves one person or a general or noble thing.

Courage is needed where knowledge, wisdom and faith have become inadequate. It is the knowledge of the things to fear, beyond the knowledge and the things that are not (see eg Plato).

Courage refers to the fear and threat in the future, but exists mainly in the present, the nearest point of contact with the near future, supplemental pedestals. The will in future be brave or courageous in the past to have been rather imaginary and cowardly.

Courage is individual and personal. It is not known but a decision not consider it an act. Courage is sometimes a matter of will or spirit said, striving to be happy and to do so against the obstacles that are innumerable (eg, Spinoza).

Those who fight with the courage of despair, out of anger or hatred does, because it must, because the opposite would be cowardice, for the sake of beauty and ethics.

In general one may say: "Courage is doing well."


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