Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hypergamy - Summary

Hypergamy (colloquially known in English Marrying up) is the act of seeking a partner or spouse of the same or higher socioeconomic status, or social caste than oneself.

The term is normally used more specifically for the apparent trend within the different human cultures where women are encouraged to seek or find a man who is comparatively larger, richer or otherwise more privileged than herself.

hypergamy behavior can be explained in terms of evolutionary psychology, as in societies with a high level of gender inequality, women are more likely to hypergamy for the benefit of their children, while men tend more to the hypogamy as a way to ensure greater fidelity of their partners.

The word "hypogamy" typically refers to the reverse case: to marry someone with a social or economic position lower.


Some psychologists believe that women exhibit in terms of sexual selection preference for men who have at least the same level of education, job position, social status or the accumulation of capital. In contrast, the men tend to put more emphasis on physical attractiveness.

In the anthology about money and relationships by some prominent writers, the authors state that the role that money plays in determining how a woman selects her partner for a lasting relationship is often considered a taboo subject.


A U.S. study found no statistical differences in the number of women or men who tended to hypogamy hypergamy or 1109 on a sample of newlyweds.


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