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Etymology of Ramadan

Ramadan, the Arabic-ul-Fitr عيد الفطر Ayd, Persian: عید فطر), in the Islamic world, after the fasting month of Ramadan is a religious festival is celebrated for three days. According to the tenth month of the Hijri calendar, which is celebrated on the first three days of the month of Shawwal. Feast from the previous day, the eve of the last day of Ramadan is the month. In 2010, Ramadan has started in Turkey on Thursday September 9.


The Arabic word "Ramadan", "Ramazan" (being too hot) comes from the root. The reason for this is probably Ramadan worship the first implementation begins summer represents is. [1] During this holiday visitors, sugar to provide honor of an established tradition that the festival, Sugar Festival is also called.

The Arabic name "al-Ayd-ul fitr'dir (Arabic: عيد الفطر). The word Fitr means breakfast in Arabic, and with the end of Ramadan, the first refers to the breakfast. Fasting festival of Ramadan, expires in nature so a ceremony. Ramadan, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia or Lebara Idul Fitri, also referred to as Eid in Bangladesh iseShemai.

Ramadan, were to be celebrated after the second year of the Hegira. This must be done in the holidays and all the ceremonies of worship was organized by Muhammad. Ramadan feast at first about the operations were done by him.


There are three distinct features of the Ramadan feast:

1. This holiday, Muslims in charity mission to fulfill.
2. Bilateral talks between Muslims, to visit each other and the gift of reconciliation and recovery is one.
3. Muslims in this festival, especially after the holiday prayer for their relatives to visit their graves.

Ramadan, the fasting month of Ramadan during the prescribed retention refers to the end. End of Ramadan, while fasting and Ramadan that ends on the first day of the first day of the fasting month of Shawwal is maintained.

In the first days of Ramadan holiday prayers in the mosques are. Prayer, men make the holidays alone. After prayers, the sermons are holidays. Are entered by the end of the prayer festival. visits to family and friends, such as various entertainment. During Ramadan, Muslims also visit each other's festivals celebrated by

Ramadan in Turkey

The Islamic month of Ramadan and the feast and has an important place in Turkish culture. During the month of Ramadan, larger mosques in Turkey, called the ridge between the minarets are illuminated hanging ornaments. Usually in the first day of Ramadan, "welcome or Ramadan City"-like messages, showing the ornaments, each night throughout the month of Ramadan is changed to show a different message. In a few days before the feast of Ramadan, usually ridge "Farewell" message similar to the send-off shall be included.

In the last week of Ramadan, the houses are cleaned in preparation for holidays, festive dresses are sewn. In the villages of Anatolia, the Ramadan holiday festivities are held. Drums, flutes, native instruments like the fiddle is played, people played games. Is a feast for the poor in some places to eat. In cities, especially in the area of military units in the development of the collector is notified holidays, festivals at particular times of day (usually in the prayer time) the ball is thrown.

Ramadan holiday in Turkey and other cultural elements which is identified with the shadow game. "Hacivat and Karagoz" shadow play forms an important part of Turkish culture. In ancient times, Ramadan nights shadow of the fun of people constituted the largest. After breaking the fast, and families gathered to watch the shadow play would go. Although this tradition today, although not very popular, still identified with the month of Ramadan and the feast remains. In any event related to Ramadan and running, shadow play and the characters are at the top of the figure.

Ramadan holiday, when families come together and have fun together, the ethical sense is a festival highlighting the importance of the family. Everyone is dressed very carefully. Children wear their bib. Ramadan at the younger members of families with elderly members will visit more. I kiss the hands are great. I kiss the hands of the older children are given allowances. Sweets, candies, chocolate are served. Most diamonds are very popular and one complimentary dessert. Moreover, those who offend in peace due to the holidays is a tradition.

During Ramadan (3 days) of predominantly Muslim countries are often declared public holidays.

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