Thursday, August 5, 2010


Familiarity (including: familiarity, friendly terms, closeness, intimacy, konfidencjalność) - usually positive interpersonal relationships, characterized by warm and friendly cross-reference to each other, trust, and their tendency to mutual confidences. The language layer is typically used in everyday language, diminutives, endearing expressions, sometimes with profanity and slang. At high intimacy comes to cross the physical barrier, and then the emotions can be expressed by inclusion, poklepywanie, cuddling, capture by the hands and arms, stroking, kissing, etc. Familiarity arises between persons who are familiar with, especially family members or members of a group remaining in frequent social contacts, such as in a group of friends, good friends or close neighbors, almost always accompanied by unrequited love.

Sometimes (especially in cases where one person dominates the group) showing its intimacy may be perceived in a negative way - for example, is trying to head in a manner familiar to refer to the subordinates who will not have it, but being in a relationship of dependency allowance may be difficulty with open opposition to such behavior.

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