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Ecotourism Activities (1)

This is a list of activities sometimes considered within the ecotourism, remembering that they must follow the conditions listed above, otherwise they can not fit this definition. Have in common the fact that they practiced in the midst of natural environment, yet some are not sufficient environmental impact to be considered good practice by ecologists, P. ex. canyoning in stretches of river used for nesting birds of prey.

The so-called Tyrolean is the practice of crossing the mountains, valleys or canyons, through strings, using a pulley and proper equipment. This type of extreme sport is widespread worldwide, particularly in New Zealand. His name originates from the region of Tyrol, where it was developed.

Horseback riding tours in nature. It is an especially suitable for very rough terrain or on land where vehicle traffic is not possible or allowed, especially if necessary to transport equipment for other activities.

Hiking trails in and levadas
The island of Madeira, half to the Atlantic Ocean, is a popular location for walking along paths and also taken.

Snorkeling and fluctuation
The fluctuation is a ride on the tourist floats, equipped with wetsuits, life vest, mask and snorkel along a stretch of river, often with little velocity, and observing the fauna and aquatic flora. How is a tour of ecotourism, there are rules to follow to conserve the aquatic environment. In the region of Bonito and Garden, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, there are tours floating in rivers of crystalline water, with high biodiversity, beautiful.

The Buoy-cross, is the practice of descending rapids Class II (mild) in large round buoys. The activity includes playing in the river and is accompanied by professional kayakers for the safety of participants.

The bird watching is the tour ecotourism that aims to observe the birds in their natural habitat, without interfering with their behavior or their environment.

This script is a legitimate form of ecotourism exploitation of natural areas, as it is a practice of low impact. The public demand that this type of activity is a specific audience that has a high degree of environmental awareness, being attentive and taking seriously the practice of minimum impact on natural environments. Places that have a natural vocation for holding this activity are natural areas in good repair, with good infrastructure receptive and who already have cataloged the species of birds that occur in the area. In general, the script for birdwatching are developed primarily on tracks at different times from those used in normal tourism program, and are accompanied by expert guide.

In southeastern Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro, in the forest reserve of Macaé de Cima, can be seen bird species nearly extinct in the rest of Brazil, as this reserve represents 70% of existing green forest in the southeast, behind in importance only to Amazon forest.

Another site of great interest to the practice of this activity is in Petropolis, RJ. The Paradise Inn stands out in this activity and provides specialized guides. His list now has over 190 different species of birds, especially the Hatch Taquara (Biatas nigropectus) and Bluebird (Cyanocompsa brissinii). Check out the full list in the List of birds.

Twice a year, the Paradise Inn, we conducted the workshop of photography and bird watching with photographer John Quental.

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