Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ecotourism Activities (2)

Cycling is a sport tourism where the main mode of transportation is the bicycle and cycling, tourist practicing Cycling, spends at least an overnight stay outside their usual rendezvous point, besides being a non-competitive activity.

Observation of fauna and flora
observation of animals and plants


Studies of the environment
Study the area you are walking on the rocks, vegetation, water, etc ...

Along with the guide and organizer ecological area to discover an ecological research, which will be stored in a reserve that once they do see the latest research developments in the discovery of the area covered.

Tracking is the activity of hiking trails or from more than one day's duration, for areas with significant natural scenic beauty.

The raids on these sites lasting less than 24 hours, gives the name of hiking.

The parapente (paraglider in English) is an airplane (aircraft heavier than air), in whose wing (and inflating like a parachute, which has no rigid structure) are suspended for the pilot lines and potential passengers.

Hang-gliding : Ballooning
Balloon flight around the area.

Descidade cliffs and / or waterfalls, with the aid of special equipment (rappel)

Rafting is an activity practiced in boats with a capacity of 5-7 people at most, always conducted by a professional guide and canoers to ensure full security of praticantes.Em some areas of southeastern Brazil, as the villages of San Pedro and Lumiar , this sport is practiced by the abundance of rivers, waterfalls, combined with the cool climate as the villages are located in the mountains, and the beauty of the forest reserve of Macaé de Cima, near Nova Friburgo eea only two hours from Rio January.

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