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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection (the green) is due to industrial development lead to environmental pollution is too serious, first of all industrialized countries caused by the attention it generated by the use of national laws and regulations and promoted through media attention and the whole society to deal with pollution.

1962, American biologist Leiqieerka Johnson published a book entitled "Silent Spring" book, the book explains the pesticide DDT insecticide (DDT) on the role of environmental pollution and destruction, as the book's warning , 美国 highly toxic pesticides, the government began an investigation on, and in 1970 established the Environmental Protection Ju, states are successively passed the ban on the production and Shiyong toxic Shachongjide law. The book is considered the 20th century landmark environmental ecology starting point.

1972 年 5 to 16 June launched by the United Nations, held in Stockholm, Sweden, "the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment" [1], proposed the famous "Declaration on the Human Environment," the official cause is environmental protection Governments around the world start. The Chinese government also attended the meeting.

The People's Republic of China's environmental protection is to start in 1972, Beijing established the Office for the Protection of Guanting Reservoir, Hebei Province set up a joint research office waste treatment processing bank is located in Hebei Province Guanting Shacheng Guanting pesticide plant pollution problems, leading to China enacted a law provides for a nationwide ban on the production and use of DDT. 1973 consists of the Environmental Protection Office of the State Construction Committee, was directly under the State Council, the ministerial to the State Environmental Protection Administration. Provinces (cities, districts) also have established the Environmental Protection Agency (Hall). And the establishment of environmental protection hotline at 12369 and 12369 center-line environmental events reported by the masses.

Government's environmental protection departments at all levels of the main responsibilities of the Executive Council (People's Congress) to develop the pollutants emission policies to encourage the development of emission control technology 以 control pollution, improve Huan Jing Bao Hu Hu.

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