Monday, August 9, 2010

Tamarindus Indica Genus

Tamarind (Arabic تمر هندي Tamr Hindi, Indian date) is a tropical tree, native of east Africa but now exists in much of tropical Asia and Latin America.


The tree can reach up to 20 m in height. The leaves of the tamarind are usually 10 to 18 leaflets. The tree produces a fruit resembling brown bags containing a pulp and covered, and within them are the seeds. The seeds can be scraped to hasten germination.

The fruit pulp is used as a condiment in Asian cooking as well as in Latin America, it is also an important ingredient in Worcestershire sauce and HP sauce. The pulp of a young fruit is very acidic, and therefore suitable for many dishes, while the ripe fruits are sweeter and can be used in desserts, drinks or snacks.

The pulp, leaves and bark have medicinal applications. For example, in the Philippines, the leaves are traditionally used in tea to reduce fever caused by malaria.

Because of the density and durability, tamarind wood can be used to make furniture and staves. Tamarind trees are very common in South India particularly in Andhra Pradesh. They are used to provide shade on the roads and motorways.

Monkeys like ripe fruit of tamarind. It is part of the staple diet in southern India, where he prepares Sambhar (spice vegetable soup) Pulihora rice and other dishes.


Tamarind is available in Indian stores worldwide. It is also sold as a sweet in Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, and many varieties of snacks in Southeast Asia (dried and salted, dried and sweetened beverage, pallet). In Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and El Salvador is found in concentrates and pulp for the manufacture of soft drinks and beverages.

Due to the medicinal properties of tamarind is used as Ayurvedic medicine for digestion problems, stomach. It is also an effective laxative, which can help in cases of obstinate constipation.


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