Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Name of Satisfaction

Satisfaction is the name given to the mood and / or body that accompanies the satisfying of a desire: it is distinguished from mere contentment that only marks the completion of a need.

In this sense, the satisfaction is a feeling more than a feeling of peace and it opposes the state of frustration, sometimes more or less tinged with hope, when the mind is lived in a state of desire or need .

Satisfaction is dissipating and displeasure, grief counseling.
(The tension of desire or need accompanied by a psychological state of displeasure).

The satisfaction of pleasure is different in that it does mark a nice feeling: physical impression (the pleasure of the flesh ...), print culture (the pleasure of seeing something beautiful to see a convincing theory ... ), social impression (the pleasure of the warmth, love ...), psychological impression (the pleasure of feeling full of power ...), spiritual impression (the pleasure of seeing something beyond ourselves ...) ...

The expectation of pleasure (the pleasant impression) creates a desire, more or less the plaintiff, then dissatisfaction as the pleasure you want is not obtained, and satisfaction, and more fun, when pleasure is achieved expected .

The poet Leo Ferré summarize the first of these statements an expression: "the evil that is good for you.
In sexology, satisfaction is a state of near orgasm.

In theology, God must be "satisfied" satisfaction is a means of redress: what we have to do to repair the sins we committed.


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