Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Paraphilia Behavior

A paraphilia (Greek παρά to "off", and φιλία, philia, "love") is a pattern of sexual behavior in which, in general, the predominant source of pleasure is not in mating, but in some other activity.

Paraphilias are also considered the patterns of behavior in which the diversion takes place not in the act, but the object of sexual desire, or the type of partner, for example, ephebophilia.

In certain situations, sexual behavior paraphilic can be considered perversion or abnormality.

The paraphilias can be considered harmless and, according to some psychological theories, are an integral part of the psyche normal - except when they are directed to an object potentially dangerous or harmful to the subject for other (being detrimental to the health or safety, eg ) or when they prevent normal sexual function and are classified as distortions of sexual preference in the ICD-10 in the class F65 .

The considerations with respect to the conduct considered paraphilic depend on a very high degree of social conventions prevailing in a certain time and place, certain practices such as homosexuality or even oral sex, anal sex and masturbation were considered paraphilic in his time, but now are considered acceptable and normal variations of sexual behavior.

However, some consider that excessive masturbation in adolescence or after the fact that someone always prefer the practice of that contact with another individual will set up a paraphilia.

Moreover, the very concept of paraphilia tends to be revised because today science has increasingly broadened the acceptable variations in sexual behavior, but without the new values have adopted some measures even if accompanied by vaginal intercourse, as is the case of sex with children.

It is therefore impossible to formulate a definitive catalog of paraphilias, the most usual definitions list behaviors such as sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, voyeurism or fetishism.


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