Sunday, August 8, 2010


The feeling is the result of an emotion, through which the conscious access to their own mood. The channel through which solvents can be physical or spiritual. Part of the dynamics of the human brain that enables him to react to the events of daily life to drain a substance produced in the brain, the same.


Emotions are polarization that makes our mind from the facts. In the absence of emotional feelings emerge. As need and demand for the emotions and not experienced and we have been subjected for a time, enough to help us to conceptualize these interactions are good. This is how our state of mind takes shape. Feelings healthy brain allow fluid dynamics, resulting in a happy mood.

Its origin is the result of moving the emotional burdens to which our mind is subjected by the variation of the medium. An emotionally charged disappears quickly can shape a feeling that lasts over time. Thus love can be born of an emotion such as surprise and flattery that someone will pay special attention for a sustained period of time in which to disappear when the stimulus is making decisions emerge from what we considered good. Our limbic system report that there is no stimulus, our conscience will make a priority and our conscious will show that what is good is gone. Romámtico is when love takes true form, becoming part of our express will and personality.

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