Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flowers Themes

In doing floral arrangements, florists use an assortment of buds and flowers. One bouquet could have several themes of flowers, from fillers up to the main blossoms, in order to achieve the desired effect and capture the look that they want to have.

There are four main flower themes and each has different kinds that are frequently used. Spring flower is a theme that comes into bud during cooler seasons. These flowers need a freely drying soil with a balanced amount of moisture and heat. Another theme is called the rose flower which has diverse types of species that are by and large thorny shrubs, climbers and trailing plants. Normally, rose flowers grow from two to five meters in height although there are some species that can reach 20 meters. Tropical flowers, an additional flower theme, came from plants that survive during dry weather. Most of the tropical plants develop in temperate regions for the reason that humid conditions allow them to grow. The last theme is described as rare and extraordinary. Exotic flowers are unusually looking flowers which grow in the wild. Arrangements that make use of exotic flowers lasts longer that any other flower themes.

There are a lot of techniques and strategies that can be employed in floral arrangements. Combination of flower themes or a unique selection of each class could result to brilliant and striking presentations which mainly depend on the florist’s taste. What is important is to determine the purpose that the arrangement will be serving so that you can choose the best blend of perfect flowers.


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