Sunday, August 22, 2010

Green Parties around the world

Although the term "Green Party may be freely used, there are a number of parties, more or less affiliated, yet organized as political parties and political movements based on four pillars of Green parties. Greens see democracy, pacifism, and social justice as intimately linked to the ecology, human health and well-being. All Green parties more or less followed the same principles in terms of environmental policy.

Consider natural areas, mitigate climate change, protect nature and are considered essential to maintaining a harmonious life, and perhaps more importantly, provide thematic neutral conflict resolution with mortal enemies. For greens, peace and ecology are inextricably linked.

In March 1972, the first Green Party (the United Tasmania Group) was formed at a public meeting in Hobart and then in May 1972, a meeting between green Victoria University, Wellington, helped launch Values Party, the first national Green Party. The term green has been created by German environmentalists, the Greens at their first participation in a national election in 1980.

In 2001, representatives of green parties from 80 countries signed a common charter, Canberra, the Global Greens Charter.

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