Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hedge Maze

A hedge maze is a garden with a branched, artistically complex system of paths, which is ideally made up of taller hedges. The specificity of the hedge maze there is a temporary feeling of being trapped by obstacles from opaque and impenetrable hedgerows. Successful installations are masterpieces of garden design.

Unlike a maze in the narrow sense in which only leads one way with no ramifications from the entrance to the center, a maze allowed by its network of roads with junctions, crossings, dead ends and loops through a real "getting lost". Nevertheless, a labyrinth is sometimes referred to as a maze or garden maze.

Most Irrgartenanlagen have a target space, may offer one possibility or prospect of a decorated tree, a statue or a fountain. This goal must be found, and the way back to the output can be just as difficult.

In a maze, it is always an artificial plant. The word has over time experienced a term extension: How to become comparable structures made of stone, wood, glass and mirrored walls (mirror maze) also known as the mazes as printed Irrgartenspiele and computer games with labyrinthine subject. Even with the measure used for the period of the summer corn mazes are mazes.

Source : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrgarten

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