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A relationship, relationship or (Roman) relationship between two or more people is the relationship or relationship in which they each other.

Changing relationships throughout history
People for their (continuing) are dependent on other people. They are thus forced to live together. As societies evolved from small farming communities to larger hunting societies and finally into the 21st century (post-) industrial societies are more and more people over greater distances become dependent on each other. Alone looking at the clothes worn and the foods consumed have networks to discern which include the world. This process of growing or expanding afhankelijkheidssnetwerken is closely linked with another long-term development, namely the growing social differentiation.

In tribal life hunting societies characterized the economic, political, affective and cognitive ties intertwined. As societies become more differentiated, social institutions which formed a bond type of the other as it were pushed into the background. There are more and more groups and institutions created that specialize in the production function, protection function, satisfying emotional needs or the transfer of knowledge. One can truly speak of a process to break down bonds. In modern society relations in the broad sense, always better. The different types of dependencies are neatly spread over specialized branches of the networks.

Thus, in highly differentiated societies with the means to create in many ways dependent on a multitude of free anonymous institutions while little dependent on identifiable individuals. That situation can make people feel that they are illusory independence, they have their dependencies so that they strategically distributed brands no one in particular strongly bound. On the other hand, it as if they are caught in a tangle of ties. They feel increasingly dependent on anonymous, impersonal institutions. These conflicting sensations are referred to as a "gay-clausus' sense, the idea independent of other people while being threatened by society.

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